How to Pin a Message in Whatsapp Group?

When it comes to using WhatsApp, the ability to “pin” messages is one of its most useful features. Pinned messages help keep the group’s purpose and rules in place, and may be edited by an administrator.

Popular messaging developers have included new features to make their service more user-friendly. In “Vatsap,” customers wanted to know how to fix a message that appeared. They may now do this, as well as capture the most fascinating discussion or group and highlight the most important messages in their communication. You will be able to communicate in many different ways if you learn about the application’s hidden features.

You don’t have to be concerned about how to pin a message in a WhatsApp group any more. We’ll walk you through each stage of the process step by step on whatsappmodapk.

How can I pin a WhatsApp group message?

  • Take a look at WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Go back to your group.
  • Open the group description by tapping on the name of the group.
  • To add a description to your group’s page, click on the pencil symbol and type in what you’d want to say.
  • Proceed to the group setting after that.
  • For all participants, click on “Edit group details” and pick this option.

Please keep in mind that a pinned message may only be created by the group admin and that the group setting choice is only available to the group admin.

How to pin a chat in WhatsApp on Iphone?

On the iPhone, I’ll teach you how to pin a conversation. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

  • When you first start WhatsApp on your iPhone, touch on the WhatsApp icon.
  • Go to the conversation tabs now.
  • Go to the conversation you wish to save.
  • Swipe to the left and right as you go.
  • You can see the pin option at the top of the page by clicking on it.
  • You may unpin your talk at any time.

how to pin more than 3 chats on WhatsApp?

In order to save time by not having to sift through the chat tabs, you may ping your chat message to the top of the list.

Although you can only pin three conversations to the top of WhatsApp, there is a way to pin more than three conversations.

  • To begin with, open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • To begin, choose three conversations and pin them to the top of the page.
  • The archive option will appear next to the mute option when you press on any pin conversation.
  • You now have the option of creating a second pin for use in a separate conversation.

If you want to pin a message in a WhatsApp group or conversation, be sure to download the most recent version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, depending on your device.

Using it is a lot of fun, and you’ll be glad you did. If you’re in charge of a workplace, you can keep track of important information by pinning your office group to the top of the page.


How many chats can I pin on WhatsApp?

Three conversations may be pinned to your WhatsApp profile. However, the method in the previous article can pin an infinite number of conversations.

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