Download GBWhatsApp APK 7.70 (Latest Version) In 2019

gbwhatsapp mod apk

GBWhatsApp apk is one of the best and trending application which is having good and amazing features. Gbwhatsapp messenger app helps you to install dual WhatsApp application on your Android device with one click..

The Gbwhatsapp app have some great privay features like the end-to-end encryption and there are a lot of new features comes with GBWhatsApp new version.

Furthermore, With this gbmods gbwhatsapp you can customize and change the appearance and themes of the official whatsapp as per your needs.

Again, you can easily use gbwhatsapp dual account on your android without rooting your smartphone as you know rooting android phones voids the phone warranty.

This MOD whatsapp Gb  apk is the best whatsapp MODs apk available on the internet.


gbwhatsapp download apk

To use the advanced and extended features of the Gbwhatsapp and to run dual whatsapp accounts at the same time on your android  first thing you need to do is to download gbwhatsapp on your phone.

So, you can free download gbwhatsapp on your android from the official website of gbwhatsapp.


I have collected the latest version of gbwhatsapp, and you can download the gbwhatsapp directly from the  given link.

GBWhatsapp New Version Download

Click on the below  given link to download the latest version of the  official Gbwhatsapp mod apk.


GBWhatsapp Latest Version Details

App NameGbWhatsapp
App Size28 MB
Last Updated15/11/2018
OS RequiredAndroid 4+
Root RequiredNo



gbwhatsapp apk features

With every update, gb whatsapp apk  increases the no. of amazing features.

Some of the new  features in newly  updated gb whatsapp are as-

  • This version provides the Ability to Send Text Broadcast to Groups (Only Text Messages)
  • Also contains the Ability to Filter Message when Clear Chat
  • They Fixed the  Maps problem when sending Location
  • This version Enabled Live Location Sharing optioN
  • You can filter Image/Video  or enable different Effects when Send Images
  • Advance data & Storage Management option
  • The quick reply feature as the original whatsapp
  • You can copy others text status easily with option tab
  • You can remove READ MORE  option for lo9ng messages
  • Easily Send 100 Documents instead of 30
  • Increased  the numbers of Themed Emoji & GIF Search
  • You can schedule multiple contacts to send the same message at a time


In case if you don’t like the updated gbwhatsapp version? Don’t worry then we have listed and given the direct links of old versions of gbwhatspp from where you can easily download whatsapp gb mod on your smartphone.



The GBWHATSAPP mod apk is developed by the developer of GBINSTAGRAM.

If you are bored with the old same style and appearance of official whatsapp then gbwhatsapp will provide you the option to change or rearrange the style of official whatsapp as your own.

Gbwhatsapp mod app was created to provide some additional features to official whatsapp users. Now it offers many features which are very helpful and fun as compared to the original whatsapp.

Some of the great and advanced features of gbwhatsapp mod are describing below-

GBwhatsapp Privacy Option Features :

  • Hide online status: GBWHATSAPP app allows you to hide your online status, and you will be seen offline for everyone.for this, all you need to do is tap on the three dotted buttons and then Privacy>>hide online status and you are done.
  • Hide blue ticks: when you read the message of any contact or in a group, whatsapp generally puts a blue tick and which can be easily hidden.just go to  privacy>>blue ticks
  • Hide second tick: GBWHATSAPP allows the users to hide the second tick which appears when you delivered the message contacts or groups.

gbwhatsapp app

Furthermore,  the latest GB whatsapp allow the users many more privacy options including Hiding Recording Status, Hiding Blue Microphone, Hiding View Status, which can be used to use GBWhatsapp freely and securely.

GBwhatsapp Media And Documents Features:

With GBWhatsapp you can send all kind of media like audio, video, ebooks, etc.

gbwhatsapp new version app download

  • Document: You can send any text files such as PDF, TXT, ppt, Docs via GBwhatsapp upto 50MB in size and more
  • Camera: You can post pictures and video recording to your friends and in a group with high quality and more speed.
  • Gallery: send high-quality pictures and video from gallery or file manager upto 50MB with the same quality and size.
  • Audio: You can send audio files, music, recordings, and many more in audio format from player or file manager upto 50MB
  • Location: You can share your live site in one click to your friend or family.
  • Contact: You can select and send communications easily with this app to your friends and family or others within a second.


If you don’t like the old appearance and style of official whatsapp then be ready to have some fun with the themes and styles of the latest updated GBWhatsapp app.

gbwhatsapp gbmods

You can easily customize the appearance of the official Gbwhatsapp mod apk.

  • Themes: GBwhatsapp allows the users to theme their whatsapp application as per the requirements of the users. If your customized theme is good enough, you can send it to the GBWhatsapp developer, and they will make it available to use for all users.
  • Icon: the application has a different kind of app icons which help the users to differentiate the official whatsapp and Gbwhatsapp.
  • Customize navigation: you can change and customize the navigation bar and the status bar of the phone.
  • Online status: this application provides you the facility to check the online and offline status without opening the chat. That means you do not need to open conversation each time to check if a person is online or not.
  • Whatsapp status: send status of 255 characters in gbwhatsapp which is limited to  139 character in the official whatsapp.
  • Change appearance: well, which application you like the most? Facebook? Twitter or Facebook messenger? Don’t worry you can change the user interface of this Gbwhatsapp according to your choice of style.

More Features Of GBwhatsapp Mod Apk:

The MOD gbwhatsapp apk provides freedom to the users to send file of any size.

gbwhatsapp plus apk download

  • More images: with this application you can easily select and send 90+ images at a time which is limited to 10 media in the official whatsapp.
  • More video: the official whatsapp allows you to send video files upto 16 MB, but with Gbwhatsapp you can send video files upto 50 MB.
  • Broadcast: you can send a broadcast message to upto 600 people at one time which is again limited to 200 people in official whatsapp. This feature is handy if you are an owning a small company and with this feature, you can easily broadcast a message to your employees.
  • Status: the status limit is an extent to 255 character which is 145 character in the official whatsapp.
  • Group name: the group name length is upto 35 characters which are limited in the official whatsapp.

Other Interesting Features Of GBwhatsapp :

Gbwhatsapp provides the users some exciting features which the official users don’t get.some of  These are

  • Send any document: with this application, you can send data in any format. That means you can send doc files apk files are files zip files etc.
  • Disable calls: disable voice and video calling of your annoying friends.
  • Lock Gbwhatsapp: without installing any third party app you can quickly lock your Gbwhatsapp account to maintain your privacy.
  • Language: it provides almost 100+ language support to the users.
  • Online: this application allows you to stay online for  24 hours duration all you need to change some settings in the app that will shock everyone.
  • Copy text: it provides the users to copy any selected text on the user interface.
  • Copy status: if you like others status then this feature will help you as Gbwhatsapp allows the users to copy status of people to your clipboard
  • Download status: whenever your friends put some beautiful image or video on their status you can easily download them to your device.

Also, much more.


So, in this portion we are going to describe you a step by step process to download and install gbwhatsapp on your android smartphone so that you can use the fantastic features of the Mod whatsapp.

gbwhatsapp apk latest version download

Download the latest version of the Gbwhatsapp from the below link


Alternatively, you can download the older versions of the apk through the below given links





First of all, Download the official gbwhatsapp MOD from the above links and complete the download process.

gbwhatsapp latest version download for android mobile


Then as this is a third party application, you may get this notification on your android screen but nothing to worry about it.

gbwhatsapp messenger

Just click on settings as the image below.


Now this will land you to the settings.

Just scroll down and enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES.

See the image below

gbwhatsapp apk latest version

Now go back and again open GBwhatsapp apk app

Note: if the UNKNOWN SOURCES enabled then ignore the step-1 and step-2 and jump into the below given steps.


Now  install whatapp gb apk as you install the other apps on your device.

gbwhatsapp free download


Again wait for few seconds as the installation process might take some time.


Now when the installation is complete open the Gbwhatsapp apk, and you will see this on your screen (see the image below) and tab on agreeing and continue.

gbwhatsapp new version app download


Now this screen will come where you need to put your mobile number

gbwhatsapp free download


Now wait for few seconds, and you will get a text message, and gbwhatsapp will automatically detect that otp.


Now when you see this user interface, congrats your installing process is complete.

gbwhatsapp blue apk

Now go to menu>>GBsetting and customize the whatsapp according to your choice.


How do you download gbwhatsapp for windows? You might be aware of the fact that the Android apps can be installed on windows pc with the help of android emulators.

download gbwhasapp new version for pc

So you can install the modded version of WhatsApp application on your windows pc with the bluestack android emulator.

GBwhatsapp Apk Download For PC Step By Step Tutorial

  • First of all, Download bluestack android emulator on your windows pc
  • After completing the download process install the bluestack emulator
  • Now sign in to your Gmail account in the emulator
  • Now download the gbwhatsapp apk
  • When the app is downloaded select the gb whatsapp mod and open it with bluestack
  • After that wait some time until bluestack completes its installation process
  • Now after completing the installation process open gbwhatsapp and enter your mobile number
  • Now enjoy the cool features of gbwhatsapp on windows pc


Are you an Iphone user and want to download Gbwhatsapp Mod on your ios ?

download gbwhasapp new version for ios

So, how would you Install Gbwhatsapp app on ios ? the developer of Gbwhatsapp is not launched the Gbwhatsapp for iphone yet but still if you want to taste the cool features of gbwhatsapp on your iphone then you can achieve that with the help of android emulators on iphone.

Steps To Download Gbwhatsapp Apk on Your iphone

  • First of all, download any android emulator on your iphone
  • This android emulator will create a android os like environment on you iphone
  • Now after that  download the latest version of Gbwhatsapp mod apk from the above link
  • After completing the download process open the android emulator and install the gbwhatsapp apk on your iphone
  • Now enjoy the cool features of gbwhatsapp on your ios


So, you want to use dual triple or multiple or 2 whatsapp account on your smartphone? then let me tell you running multiple whatsapp account on a single android phone is easy.

how to use 2 whatsapp account on android

There are a lots of best whatspp mods apks are available to downlaod  and you can easily download 2-5 modded whatsapp apps along with the official whatsapp mesenger to run multiple whatsapp account on your android device.

so, to run multiple whatsapp account on your smartphone you need 3/4 sim numbers to verify the registration process.

Steps to Run multiple whatsapp account on your android phone


First of all, download the official whatsapp messenger app from the google play store and install it on your android phone and verify it with a mobile number you want to use for the official whatsapp.


Now , download the the GBWHATSAPP mod apk on your android smartphone and install it after the complete of installation process open the gbwhatsapp app and put the phone number you want to use and verify it with the OTP.

Note: Do not use the phone number you are using on official whatsapp messenger.

Step -3

Now , download another modded whatsapp apk  of your choice from the list or download the whatsapp plus mod apk from the link and install it on your android phone and verify it with a different the phone number.

Note: Dont use the phone number you are using on official whatsapp and gbwhatsapp apk

Like this way you can download and install whatsapp mods like YOWHATSAPP (YOWA) OGWHATSAPP and other different whatsapp mod apks and verify these apps with different mobile numbers and  this way you can use multiple whatsapp accounts on the same  device without rooting the android phone.


The Whatsapp gb apk is a open source application application and is very popular so without any doubt you can download Gbwhatsapp for free on your android device. The cool features of Gb whatsapp makes users to fal l in love with this application. you can check some other best whatsapp mods apks we hyave listed.

Hope you like the post about gbwhatsapp mod apk and if you found it helpfull share it with your friends and family members and if you still have any queries regarding the gbwhatsapp mod apk feel free to ask us in the cmment box below.

Thank you, Visit Again.







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