10 Best Whatsapp MODs Apk Download For Android In 2019 [Updated]

whatsapp mod

Whatsapp mods apk are the third party applications that enhances the features of the Official whatsapp . WhatsApp Messenger apk is a FREE messaging application available for android smartphone and iphone. WhatsApp messaging app uses your device’s Internet connection to let you message and call your  friends and family.

Moded whatsapp apps comes with a lot of cool features and these applications help you to hide your online status, to download your friend status , to hide blue ticks when you read your friends message and a lots of other features.

List Of  Best WhatsAppMods Apk To Download In 2019

There are lots of official whatsapp mods apk are available online to download and as you know that the mods apks come with a lot of enhanced features and thus remove the limits that original whatsapp messenger provides.

Some of the best whatsapp mods available for android with some enhanced features are:

  1. GB WhatsApp apk
  2. WhatsApp Plus apk
  3. Yo whatsapp apk
  4. fm whatsapp apk
  5. ogwhatsapp apk
  6. wapwhatsapp apk
  7. WhatsApp Plus Reborn apk
  8. WhatsApp Prime apk
  9. WhatsApp MA apk
  10. WhatsApp Indigo apk

It can take you more than an hour to find all the whatsapp mods available to check them one by one and to know the enhance features of each this reason we have compiled a list of most popular and safe whatsapp mod.


mods whatsapp info

All these popular mod whatsapps are verified and tested manually by us so without any doubt, you can directly download whatwhatsapp mod apps from the below links

Most Popular And Safe MOD Whatsapp APK

So by now, you know what is whatsapp mods apk right?

And interested in installing best whatsapp mod apk in your android

Let us dig down into the list of 5 popular whatsapp mod apps below for you to choose and download from


1. Whatsapp Plus MOD Apk Download 2019

Do u have questions in your mind like that what is whatsapp plus? Or whats the difference between whatsapp and whatsapp plus?

whatsapp plus

So, Whatsapp plus is modified version of official whatsapp. Whatsapp+ is similar to whatsapp but have some extended features that the official whatsapp don’t have.

Whatsapp plus is safe and secure to use and don’t have any privacy issues.

Furthermore,  whatsapp plus come with some advanced features like you want to hide your online status over the whatsapp so that no one sees you online on whatsapp then whatsapp+ enables you to do that and you will be online all day but none of your friends will see you online

Again, with the whatsapp plus anti-block feature no one can block your phone number over whatsapp now
whatsapp plus is one of the best whatsapp mods apk for Android and it comes with a lot of other features like you can hide blue tick of whatsapp messenger, can hide online status can send any kind of document files up to 50 MB and more

Whatsapp Plus Apk Requirements

Android OS version 4.0+
Mobile Number
Smartphone to receive verification SMS or calls
Net Connection.

whatsapp plus mod features

Whatsapp Plus Features

Other important key features of Whatsapp plus check here

  • You can send a lot of strikers with whatsapp plus apk latest version
  • whatsapp plus apk download for android features
  • the whatsapp mod support group video calling feature like official whatsapp
  • changes themes according to your choice
  • hide blue ticks for when you read the messages
  • send high-quality images and mp4 to your friends up to 50MB
  • send any document type such as PDF, TXT, Docs, APK, EXE up to 50MB
  • add up to 256 members in groups

Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version Details:

App NameWhatsapp Plus
Last UpdatedSept 24 ,2018
App Size34.60 MB
OS RequiredAndroid 4.0+

Whatsapp Plus Download For Samsung and other Android phones and tablets

Download now


2. GBWhatsapp MOD Apk 2019 Download

Gbwhatsapp apk 2019 is another best modded whatsapp app to download in 2019. It is the best And no 1 alternative of official whatsapp apk and whatsapp plus apk If you want to use two multiple whatsapp accounts on your android phone.

whatsapp gb download

Likewise, whatsapp+ apk the gbp whatsapp comes with a lot of features that the official whatsapp apk don’t provide to the users

With WhatsApp apk, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same android phone without banning your official whatsapp.

Again gbwhatsapp lets you send Stricker, hide your blue tick hide online status and other handy features that help you.
Furthermore, GB whatsapp apk is safe and secure and don’t have any privacy issues

gb whatsapp features

So, gbwhatsapp apk is really one of the popular unofficial WhatsApp Mod APK for Android. Here are some best

Features Of GBWhatsapp New Version:

  • the whatsapp mod apk support group video calling feature
  • copy whatsapp status of your friends
  • stay online 24 hours with the “always online” feature
  • send stickers
  • auto reply to messages
  • send hundreds of documents
  • you can hide all the blue, double, single ticks with this mod
  • You can hide when you view your friends status
  • Keep your WhatsApp conversation as private
  • Support multiple languages
  • Use two different whatsapp at the same time

GB Whatsapp New Version Details:

App NameGbWhatsapp
App Size28 MB
Last Updated15/11/2018
OS RequiredAndroid 4+
Root RequiredNo

so, how to download/ update gb whatsapp? if you want to free download gb whatsapp latest version then click on the below-given link


3. FMWhatsapp MOD Apk 2019 Download

whatsapp gb download

Fmwhatsapp is another excellent whatsapp mods apk to download which is similar to the gbwhatsapp apk.

FM whatsapp apk has been in trending from a very very long time and this apk is one of best whatsapp mods apk for android to download. This fmwhatsapp mod apk is developed by Fouad Mokdad.

FmWhatsapp Features

Fm whatsapp mods come up with some excellent features like other popular whatsapp mods apks that official whatsapp lacks.

whatsapp mod apk features
Some of the best and important feature of FM whatsapp mods you get when you download are:

  • Lock feature: FM whatsapp comes up with inbuilt lock features that enable the user to lock down fm whatsapp for the privacy reasons
  • Privacy features: using fmwhatsapp privacy features you can simply hide all your ticks that appear when you receive any messages
  • You can filter contacts and only they will be able to call you
  • send stickers
  • Send any type of file up to 700 MB
  • Customize the user interface
  • Run two or more accounts on the same phone without any issue
  • You can upload 5-minute length video status


FMwhatsapp Mods Latest Version Details:

App Name FM WhatsApp
App Size40 - 50 MB
Last UpdatedOctober 18, 2018
RequiredAndroid 4.0+
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Root Required No

FmWhatsapp Mods Latest Version Download:

Click on the below link and Download the lastest version of FMwhatsapp mod apk and enjoy the cool featurtes

Download now

4. OGWhatsapp APK 2019 Download

Ogwhatsapp again another killer whatsapp mods apk that you can download on your android and with this mod apk you can run three whatsapp messenger on the same smartphone without creating any issues.

whatsapp plus

This og whatsapp new version provides lots of features and great customization options . whatsapp og apk is developed by David.

some of the important and amazing features of og whatsapp new version that provide comfort to the users  are:

  • OGWhatsApp mod apk comes with New user interface have a new shortcut for the users
  • You don’t need to uninstall official whatsapp to use ogwhatsapp
  • on OGWhatsApp You Can freeze your last seen
  • You Can lock ogwhatsapp mod and set the password for chats
  • increase the word count in status
  • you can easily hide notifications of chats in the ogwhatsapp mod
  • you can easily send larger video and audio file without worry
  • customize user interface according to the theme of your choice
  • send interesting stickers to your friends
  • group video call enabled
  • hide blue ticks
  • send any kind of documents
  • take the status photo like snapchat

Og Whatsapp New Version Details:

App NameOGWhatsApp
App size26.86MB
Last Updated15/11/2018

OgWhatsapp New Version Download:

ogwhatsapp is one of the popular whatsapp mods apk to download on your android.

So without delay download ogwhatsapp mod apk from the link below

Download now


5. YoWhatsapp MOD APK 2019 Download

YOwhatsapp apk 2019 popularly known as YOWA whatsapp offers unique sparks with several unique and extended features.

gb whatsapp features

YOWA is another popular whatsapp mod apk 2019 to download on your android mobile that removes the limits of official whatsapp. Yowhatsapp apk 2019 wouldn’t ban your account, and so no need o worry at all. It is developed by Yousef-Al-Basha

Similar to the other whatsapp mod apk like fmwhatsapp, gbwhatsapp yowhatsapp also provides the feature to customize the user interface of the mod apk by changing different themes

Features That Make The YOWA Mod Apk Popular Are as:

  • with yo whatsapp apk reply automatically to your contacts when you are busy.
  • You have an option for hiding chats
  • Send media files Up to 50 MB.
  • Directly Copy status of others to your clipboard
  • You will get lots New Emojis
  • Send photos up to 90 in one click
  • Lock YOWA chats without any third party app
  • You can Hide Last Seen for Selected numbers
  • Block calls for a single contact
  • stay online for 24 hours
  • 100+ language supports
  • Group Video Calling Feature is added
  • You can disable the internet for WhatsApp only.
  • Use official WhatsApp with the yo whatsapp apk.

Yo Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Details:

App Name Yowhatsapp apk (YOWA)
Last Updated17 December 2018
App Size44.35 MB
Android Version4.0+
DeveloperYousef Al Bhasha
Root RequiredNo

Yo Whatsapp Download The Latest Version:

so you want to try YOWA or yowhatsapp mod apk on your android to try out the features it provides then download the mod apk from the link


so, by now you are familiar with the 5 best popular whatsapp mods apk to download on Android.

it is your time to choose from all the 5 popular whatsapp mod apk which comes with lots of amazing features you can download any of the whatsapp mod provided mod apks instantly on your android phone.

Moreover, my personal opinion gbwhatsapp and whatsapp plus mods are best of them for personal use.
If you are not happy with the above 5 best whatsapp mods here we have a list of other whatsapp mod apk from where you can download .

Permission Required To Install Whatsapp Mods

In order to install these third party or unofficial whatsapp mod apks on your android, you need to allow some permissions. this is a simple task and all you need to do is just
Enable unknown source installation in the settings.

Above mentioned whatsapp mod apks will ask your permissions for the below-mentioned tasks
• Access Mic
• Access WiFi
• Access Storage
• Access Camera
• Access the Internet
• Access Location
• Access Contacts
• Access Vibration
• Access Bluetooth
• Send & Receive SMS
• Kill Background Tasks

Make sure you allow all the given permissions during the installation process to successfully install the whatsapp mods apks

How To Install Whatsapp Mods

so, in this section, we describe you a step by step of downloading and installing the whatsapp mods apk on your android phone to use the amazing features of the Mods

as an illustration for the tutorial purpose, we select gbwhatsapp apk and show you how to install it on your android phone

so Download latest version of the Gbwhatsapp Or you can download older versions of gbwhatsapp

Step by step whatsapp mods apk installation guide:


first of all, you need to download GB whatsapp apk and complete the download process


Then as mods apks are a third-party application, you may get this notification on your android screen but nothing to worry about it.

All you need to do is just click on setting as shown in the image below.


Now this will land you to the settings.

Just scroll down and enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES.

See the image below

Now go back and again open GBwhatsapp apk

Note – if you enabled the UNKNOWN SOURCES before ignoring the step2 and step-3


Now you need to install it as you install the other apps.


Then wait for few seconds as the installation process might take some time.


Now when the installation is complete open the Gbwhatsapp and you will see this on your screen (see the image below) and tab on agree and continue.


Now this screen will come where you need to put your mobile number


Now, wait for few seconds until you get the verification otp and gbwhatsapp will automatically detect that otp.


Now you see this user interface, congrats your installing process is complete.

Now go to menu>>GBsetting and customize the whatsapp according to of your need.

F.A.Q. On Whatsapp Mods Apk 2019

Q1. How To MOD Whatsapp For Android?

No need to MOD the official whatsapp separately. Download one of the pre made modded apk from the above list and install it on your android and enjoy.

Q2. How To MOD Whatsapp For Iphone or Ios?

Actually, there are no whatsapp mod apps are available to download for iphone users. the developers of gbwhatsapp or yowhatsapp has not yet developed modded whatsapp for ios users.

Q3. Can We Download Whatsapp MOD For PC?

Yes, You can download the mod whatsapps on your PC. Just download any Android emulator like Bluestack on your Pc and install the modded apks over there


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